Through Me To You
Leigh Baltzer
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Newton's dream is to have his own live video blog. And he is finally doing it! Tune in on our Facebook page, Through Me To You Puppetry on THURSDAYS at 9AM, EST to have a conversation with Newton about following your dreams. He will be dicussing specific techniques like using EFT Tapping, Reiki, Dousing Rods, Pendulums, and the like, as well as pontificating about the inner tools we possess. We are capable of far more than we could ever imagine. Now let's see what that feels like to experience it in the physical plane!

Pregame: The Importance of Being Imperfect   (3/20/19)

Vlog Episode #1: Follow Your Dreams - And Don't Wait Til You're Ready!   (3/21/19)

Vlog Episode#2: Title Goes Here   (3/28/19)