Through Me To You
Leigh Baltzer
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Thank You

Thank you -- my friends, my treasures. You truly are my immense good fortune.

To my Everything. Thank You Fisher & Phineas.

To my Soul Teachers who help me choose Love over Fear.
Thank You Gay & Marianne W.

To my Constant Reminder that the Impossible is Possible.
Thank You Deanna.

To my Partner in Crime. Thank You Claudia.

To my Bear Dancer & Reiki Mentor who unlocked The Flow.
Thank You Grace.

To my Reiki Master who keeps the Flow flowing.
Thank You Catherine.

You Are Beautiful

To my Performers who are Making It Happen. Thank You Phineas, Newton, Floyd, Ziegler Robbins, Sparky, Jackie B, Cabral Cabron the Clam, Peekay Panda, Jackson, Tommy T-Rex, Marianne, William.

To my ACIM Family who remind me every day of who I really am - Love & Light and nothing else. Thank You Georgina, Martha, Thea, Michelle, Shirley, Nancy, Linda, Frank, Diane, Louise, Monica, Elaine, and Chris(t).

To my Toso Posse who inspire & support me more than I thought possible. Thank You Sakia, Joann, Rich, Nancy, Mark, Erin, Karen U, Robin, Ryan, and all of my SGI Family.

Fisher and Ziegler

To my Family who loves me in spite of myself. Thank You Grandpa, Mom, Wes, Dad, Mel, Erica, Gordon, Geoff, Jackie, Mike, Andrea, Michael, Steven, Joanne, Ray, Mona, Robin, Alex, Nick, Dave, Sue, Jamie, Walt, Jack James, The Hamptons, The Martin Boys.

To the Hull Mamas, Past & Present. (I'm simply floored by the number of kick ass women in such a small town.) Thank You Tracy, Krysta, Tonya, Emily, Amy T, Amy H, Manca, Maite, Liz, Kerry, Amelia, Celia, Adrienne (an honorary Hull Mama, to be sure).

To my Librarian & School Angels, who prove that you CAN get paid for having fun. Thank You Sharon, Stephanie K, Stephanie W, Nancy D, Nancy P, Anna, Totsie, Stephanie W, Kate, Julie, Anne, Mrs Bird, Mora, Jennifer R, Tressy, Jen Q, Lynne, Tracy, Kitty, Marianne, Leslianne, Karen, Meghan, Mora, Laura.

To the Miracle Workers who give, give, give, and then... Give some more. Thank You Nora, Amy T, Judy, Danielle.

To the Reiki Sharers who are powerful beyond measure. Thank You Gay, Tracie, Noreen, Sakia.

To the Boston Light Bear Dancers & Dancees who opened the door to my Freedom. I am honored to have shared that magical day with you all. Thank You.

To the Roomies who have flooded the house with Love & Light. Thank You Natalia, Lacey, Iesha, Tyler, Linda, Gregory, Geeta, Ana, Holly.

To the Men. Thank You Wes, Gregory, Geoff, Steven H, Pop-Pop, Grandpa D, Grandpa Bubba, my Grandpa, Pete S, Vlad, Luc Bernard, Mark P, Rich H, Robin, Peter the Bear Dancer, Brian the Cell Phone Guy, Bob Dixon, Mr. Bird, Red Guy, Greg O, Brendon, Alexander, Steve. And Vince Gilligan.
(Sorry, but I couldn't not thank you, man.)

To the Involuntary Gifts who give me the opportunity to choose Forgiveness over Anger every day. Thank You Lisa Harvey Mone, Daniel Bernardi, Mr. Principal, CC.

To the Comforters. Thank You Arnold Bear, Fred, Peter, Oliver, Bob Krill, Chad-dom, Mommy Whale, Bessie, Ray, Harold, Newbury, Toby, Henry, Jean Val Jean, Javert, Langston Hughes, Sue, Figment, Jerry Jesse Piggy Pinkman, Andy Franklin, Coral Stone, Swampy, Harriet, Fred Bob.

To the Children, Thank You.

And to everyone else I've ever met in my entire life. :)

A Photo Full of Children

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