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Blog #3: Eureka!

August 29, 2016


It hurts to type. It hurts to move anything. Especially my fingers (and anything attached to my fingers). So I expect this entry to be brief. (Then again, I'm me. So ixnay on the ef-bray, eh?)

My sore digits (and hands, and arms) are caused by my utter loathing of yard work. Particularly my yard. Because I detest this chore, my M.O. is to wait until I absolutely cannot stand the sight of the yard anymore. And then I spend an entire day, from sunrise to sundown, hacking away at the overgrown grass, bushes, weeds and whatever else is taking over. By the way, my tolerance for overgrown grass, bushes, and weeds is high. VERY high. Let's just say that the last time I did anything yardwork-wise -- that is before today (August 29th) -- was in April. If I could only have waited until September, I would have made it a full FIVE months without touching the yard. A record, to be sure (even for me).

On a related side note, my friend's landlord recently paved over 90% of her yard in order to make room for more parking spaces in the driveway. Needless to say, my friend -- who loves to garden and grow pretty/yummy things -- was very upset. Me? I was sooo jealous. If I could get someone to pave over MY yard (FOR FREE, mind you), I would be in absolute heaven. Just completely blissed out. For as much as I love hiking, camping, swimming and other outdoor activities, the responsibilities of gardening, watering, fertilizing, weeding, mowing, pruning, and the like are just not my bag, baby. If the living entity in question can't make noise to remind me to feed/water it, fuggedaboutit. (It's a miracle my cat and my kid are doing as well as they are. But that's only because they can meow/speak.)

And the sad thing is, today -- August 29th -- is the last day of summer vacation! What kind of mother makes her kid spend the LAST DAY OF SUMMER VACATION... WEEDING??!!? A terrible, horrible, no good, very bad mother, that's what kind.

(Hey, maybe I was actually trying to help the poor kid out. Perhaps I was thinking, "Compared to slaving away in the hot sun all day, the first day of school will be a breeze! While sitting in the air-conditioned classroom tomorrow, you'll actually THANK ME. You'll be like, 'Geez Mom, thank you for making me weed all day. I'm actually looking forward to going back to school.'" And ya know what? My alleged "thoughtful" plan totally and completely did not work. He still bawled his eyes out when he heard school started tomorrow. Oh well...)

The reason I decided today is The Battle Of The Weeds is because today is also the day that my long-awaited tent arrives from L.L. Bean! And I wanted to sleep in it tonight! First-Day-Of-School Eve. But in order to set up the tent, I first had to clear a spot in the yard. And clearing one spot led to clearing another. And another. And yet another. And before I knew it, I was a weeding maniac. (As hard as it is for me to START yard work, it's equally hard for me to STOP. Go figure.) With every cut of the clippers, with every snip of the shears, I was lightening my load. Weeds, be gone! (I kept hearing the Peter Gabriel song, "Digging In The Dirt" in my head. "Digging in the dirt, find the places we get hurt.") Hmm... More on that in the next blog.

So as the sun marched across the last-day-of-summer sky, we too marched across (well, waded across, is more like it) the weed infested yard, hacking away at the enemy (errr, enemies -- there were LOTS of weeds). And finally, around 5 o'clock in the evening, we emerged, victorious. Not only did we have our tent spot cleared, we had done enough weeding and mowing, to last us 'til, well, next April! WOO HOO. And after a couple of desperately needed showers, we embarked on our final mission of the day: setting up the tent. After only a few minutes, we emerged victorious once again. And here I lay, under the stars (again!), writing from inside my Eureka Jade Canyon tent.

Google's definition of Eureka: a cry of joy or satisfaction when one discovers something. Having discovered (or rather, re-discovered) the bliss of sleeping outside under the stars, feeling the cool breeze through our FOUR oversized tent windows, and hearing the ocean waves down the block, I feel very "eureka-ish" right now.

PS, To Fisher -- embarking on another year of formal education. May your year in fourth grade be blessed with many Eurekas.

Fisher in our new Eureka tent in the backyard
Fisher in our new Eureka tent in the backyard

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